radio ATC

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radio ATC


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Voilà qui répond à la question de l'autre jour : BMS-Comms-Nav-book.pdf page 16
- Clear to take-off, runway xx, contact departure when airborne. This is the actual take-off clearance which is usually preceded by wind information. Do not switch to Departure too soon; the system expects you to wait till all your flight is airborne to actually contact Departure. Besides, you need to maintain situational awareness regarding traffic around the airbase to time your departure staying out of the way of the other flights. Remaining on the tower frequency will tell you if there are landing traffic waiting for the runway to be cleared. Once all the flight is airborne then you may contact Departure.
Et pour l'arrivée au break :
BMS-Comms-Nav-book.pdf page 18 et page 19
There is another option in the tower page that may be confusing: it is the “Report Overhead Break” (tt5). This call is only necessary when there are AI in your flight. There is no way for an AI to know when a human pilot will execute his break. The AI expects a signal when you break. That could only be done with this radio call. All humans in the mixed flight should make that call when they are breaking. When your flight is completely made of humans it is not necessary to make this call.
When the flight lead turns final he has to report final to the tower (“Report On Final” of the tower page of the ATC menu (tt4)). Tower will then clear the whole flight for landing. Please note: the wingmen do not have to call final, the clearance is valid for the whole flight.
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Re: radio ATC


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Re: radio ATC


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